The Haunting of Hill House

Here's another favorite of mine from the Whimsy Stamps Halloween collection, the Slimline Hill House die coupled with the 6x6 Vampire papers, and a borrowed lamp post from the Elvira die set too.

Pretty much everything released this season, works together one way or's my favorite Halloween release EVER!

I cut the Slimline Hill House once from black card stock, once from yellow card stock, and once from grey card stock. I could have not cut the grey one and just let the grey color of the card base to show through but I think it gives a more finished look with the road piece sponged and put inside the opening.

I laid the house on top of the Vampire paper and used a pencil to draw around the curvy edge, then used scissors to cut it out then glued it to the card base.

I sponged some black ink on the road and glued that into place.  And also glued the yellow pieces inside their applicable windows and door openings. Normally I just add card stock to the back of a die cut when I want a different color in the openings but I got ahead of myself and glued the house to the card before I did that. Can you saaaaay Goooober 😜?!

I used the Elvira die set for the lamp post and sponged on some white ink to just the right edge, I like how that makes it looks like the moon light is reflecting on it. 

I almost always add a sentiment to the front of my cards but in this case I thought it looked better without one, so I called it done.

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  1. Deb, I like the tip about the white ink on the post for a moon glow effect! New to trick to have in my aresonal.😊
    I think this is the best Halloween release ever too! In fact my husband said my Halloween 🎃 cards are getting a lot better! Ha ha ha, so that is due to all the Whimsy products I keep buying!!!! Ha hahhhhaaaahahahahahaaaaaa!
    I like this slimline die of hill house, but I confess it is hard to keep all the little pieces together! How do you do it? I am having a bit of trouble keeping it together! Enjoyed your post! Crafty hugs!

  2. Cool beans Liz, I'm glad you learned a new tip! Too funny your hubby commented that way LOL, tell him I said thank you :)! Oh you don't need to keep the tiny pieces together, I shared another tip in the wording of this can just add cardstock to the back of the openings instead of piecing the tiny parts back inside their openings. I just failed to do that before I glued it down so I had to use the tiny pieces. Hope that helps?! XO


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