RIP Halloween 2022

This has been a really hard few months, everything from being attacked by a pit bull and spending 15 days in the hospital, to being hit by the catastrophic hurricane Ian, (and more in between), let's just say real life is WAY scarier than Halloween! 

We're still without internet and posting is a challenge using our unstable hotspot, but I have to make at least one post so I can THANK EVERYONE who participated in the 
Whimsy Stamps 
"Do You Dare, Deb" Halloween hop for me on these posts Instagram, YouTube, and the Whimsy Stamps blog

Understandably with all the hurricane devastation 2022 has to fall into a non-Halloween year. So I can't thank Denise and our amazing design teams enough for not letting my favorite holiday go by entirely and for making me feel so cared about. 
So before I start crying, let me share with you my Jack Skellington Halloween slimline card using all Whimsy Stamps goodies that I designed for our 2022 Halloween season.  

On an 8.5x3.5 black slimline card base I adhered one of the patterns from the slimline Terror 1 toner card fronts trimmed down to 8.25x3.25. I'm just gonna say it...our toner card fronts are the best on the seriously have to try them, they foil amazingly! But for this specific card I just wanted it to be black and white so I decided not to add any foiling. Looking back I could have added black foil (der) but I'm happy with how it turned out as it is.

I die cut the Decrepit Grave (love this die!) from grey cardstock while also using the debossing die at the same time that it was die cut. The debossing is what gives that cool scrolling and RIP effect at the top of the tombstone.

For my "Jack" I modified our spooky cool Scarecrow die by simply cutting it apart to get the three separate letters that spell out "HAL LOW EEN".  Then just cut of his arms (lol) and layered his creepy hands back on top of the cut off stumps so that it would fit nicely across the width of a slimline card.

Oh and I can't forget that I chopped off the scarecrows pumpkin head and replaced it with the skull that comes with the Decrepit Grave die set. I think this achieved a pretty cool "Jack" what do you think?

The rose/flower is from the Wild Weeds die set, I cut it out once from black cardstock and once from red cardstock then glued just the red flower top onto the black piece. 

The heart is from our Gothic die set, and I added the "stitches" with a black pen.

R.I.P Halloween 2022
I hope you all have a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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