SurReally Cool Hourglass Shaker & Winners Announced

It's my favorite day of the year, so what better day to share with my fellow Halloweeners how I made one of my all-time favorite cards?!

 And if you haven't checked already, I have a link at the end of this post for you to find out all the winners from all our 31 Nights of Halloween festivities.


Ghostly Shivers Wobbly Slimline


Jeepers Creepers Hourglass

I just can't get enough of the new Slimline Hourglass die, isn't it just the coolest die ever?! 
For your viewing pleasure (eye pun ;) I've paired it with the new Jeepers Creepers rubber stamp for this creepy Halloween card.


Introducing "EEK" the performing spider

I can almost hear the carnival music "doot, doot, doota loodle, doot, doot, dOOt, dOOt". I'm just having way too much fun can ya tell?! - lol

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