JAWS 45th Anniversary

 I was only 8 years old in the summer of 1975 when I saw the movie JAWS at the theater on 4th of July weekend, and it scared thee living poop out of me! So much so that 40+ years later I still won't go into the water!

So since it's 4th of July weekend, and 6/20/20 was the 45th anniversary of  JAWS I thought this card was the perfect one to post in honor of it scaring the poop out of me...still!

To start off, I stamped one of the sharks from the Snark Attack stamp set onto the bottom portion of an A2 white matte.

To color the shark I used "faded jeans, and hickory smoke" distress inks and sponged it on with an eye shadow applicator sponge.

I masked off the top portion with sticky notes and then sponged on the "water" using a few different distress inks (stormy sky, shaded lilac, faded jeans, and salty ocean). I sponged directly over the shark with the same colors but used much less pressure over him. 

I removed the sticky notes and stamped the swimmer with black ink, then sponged on white ink (with the eye shadow sponge) on the lower portion of the girl. I also added several white dots all around her with a white gel pen.

I die cut the JAWS letters using the Bold ABC's die set, and glued them to the top of the card.

To complete my JAWS anniversary card, I stamped the Snark Attack sentiment with black ink, and added white gel pen to the sharks teeth and eye. Then glued the finished matte to the front of a black A2 card base.

Did JAWS scare you as much as it scared me, or are you going swimming this weekend?! 
Dunt dunt, dunt dunt, dunt dunt...!!

Snark Attack Clear Stamps - Whimsy Stamps Bold ABC Die Set - Whimsy Stamps
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  1. So, long diatribe here but it all comes to full circle.
    The other day, my husband and I were discussing what movie we should watch outdoors. We have one of those inflatable outdoor screens and a movie projector that we hook up to the computer.
    My husband suggested Jaws, and I thought, oh that would be... a no.
    He said why not, it would be great and that he watched it when he was Ryon's age and he was only scared for the rest of the summer to go swimming; and he did not go to the beach as a kid; he only swam in a pool.
    I replied with it is not a good idea since nor would it be fun because our nine year old son, would be watching this and we are supposed to go to the beach in August for our daughter's 18th birthday. And I want him, Ryon, to go into the ocean and enjoy himself. My husband was like well I see why, but I still think we should watch it so I can scare him and go around humming dunntt, dunt, dunt, dunt... . So there you go!
    I think this is a fabulous card and if I was near the ocean I would go swimming. I have seen a shark in the ocean, when we lived in CA, but it was a sand shark and it was harmless. Thank goodness! Swim right on by me!
    Fabulous shading here and the big red letters are the bomb! A shark bomb!!!

    I love your sense of humor and I enjoyed this post!!! Happy Fourth of July to you! Crafty hugs!

    1. LOL! Great story Liz, I totally see your point but I would have had to side with your hubby on this one - being scared by JAWS is a scare we all should have to endure - LOL! I saw it when I was 8 and the images are burned into my brain still - so okay, maybe you're right to not let your son watch - haha

  2. Deb, I have tried a few times to post something on this wonderful card you made that cracks me up; but it does not seem to be working so here goes again! This is GREAT!!!!! I was only six when it came out and did not see it till much later but this card looks just like the vhs jacket that was displayed in the video rental stores! So fun and I like the bold red letters. Makes me want to watch it again for all the one liners! :)

    1. Hmmm, not sure why you weren't able to post, you gotta just love technology (not!). Thanks for continuing to try and comment I'm glad you did and I always appreciate it. YES, it's totally the VHS jacket/movie poster I envisioned this card even before I had completed designing the stamp set ;)
      Happy swimming ;)! xo

  3. I went on a graduation trip with my girlfriends to LA and we saw Jaws! We also went to Universal Studios and saw the mechanical Jaws! I’m pretty sure we did not swim in the ocean that trip!

    1. I don't think anyone swam in the ocean that summer and I haven't since- LOL!


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