Bike Week 2019 Kickstart My Heart

Get your motor runnin'...head out on the highway...lookin' for adventure...

It's Bike Week in Daytona Florida an event that my brother Dean has gone to pretty much every year since 1972 so I made this card for him.

I used the Biker Kickstart My Heart stamp set and first stamped the bike and colored it with Copic markers.

I masked off the bike then used the Swish Stencil and sponged on some yellow and orange inks for the background. The Swish stencil is so cool isn't it, it can look like fire or ice just by changing the colors you use.

I stamped the plaque and colored it with the same Copic markers I used on the bike. Then stamped the sentiments with black and orange inks. One of the many cool things about the Kickstart Your Heart stamp set is you can customize it with several different sayings and also dates significant to the recipient, like 1972 is totally significant to my brother. 

The last thing I stamped was the checkerboard edges and I also added a little grey chalk under the tires so it gave the illusion of depth.

The Kickstart My Heart stamp set is a great set for your collection to make cards for the bikers in your life. And with the stamp set you can customize your bike and your biker cards (tee hee). 
Live Free Ride Hard (and be safe...said no biker ever - lol be safe and enjoy the ride).

Biker Kickstart My Heart Clear Stamps Swish Stencil

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